May 2015

The title of this book by Erica Jong came to my mind, now that I am behind my desk writing my very first “Inspiration”. I was not so much thinking about the story in this (feminist) novel, but about what the title says: fear of taking the first step and therefore postponing that step time and time again – procrastinating as they say so beautifully in English.

I also spontaneously thought of a book that I recently read, by Patricia Ryan Madson, “Improv Wisdom” (fabulous wisdoms from the improvisation theatre). One of the chapters is called ‘Don’t prepare’ and the next one is called ‘Just show up’ – a bit what this is all about, but by extension it is about my new job, about writing these articles and in fact about life itself. The author says that you should not plan everything meticulously. Free your mind instead of filling it with to-do lists. Stop putting all of your energy in preparing for the future. Focus your energy on this very moment : ‘Change the habit of getting ready for life in favor of getting on with it now’.

It is also about “stretching” yourself. Everyone has so much to offer, but somehow we manage to sabotage ourselves by making ourselves believe that we are not ready yet, that we need more preparation, that we cannot do it, that we have no time to do it now, … In such cases it helps to have a coach who senses your talents and values, and who also notices your self-criticism and challenges you to surpass yourself. The fact that you are challenged will flatter your ego and strenghthen the belief in yourself. It acknowledges you as a person, your inner richness and capacities, and it will make you fly. Which brings me back to my title ‘Fear of Flying’, the fear to stretch your wings and take off. It is such a fabulous feeling to fly high in the sky, free from everything.

I am curious about your experiences. Share them by posting your comments below.

Today is a big day for me. I am very excited to announce this. What you are now reading is my first communication as a brand new coach. I have not decided yet what to call these. ‘Newsletter’ sounds dry and dusty, ‘blog’ sounds like blah and I have no intention to write a diary. None of these words cover what I have in mind. What you can expect are snippets on matters of life, on people, on research, … that I find inspiring and that have enriched my own life – and which I hope will inspire you too. Naturally these will be somehow linked to my new job and goal in life: “to help others evolve, express their full power and talents and realise their dreams”.

I thought of calling these simply “Inspiration”. Maybe you have another suggestion – share it by leaving a comment below (click on the title of the article to activate the comments field).

Experts say these should be posted weekly, and preferably on a fixed day. I will be slightly more realistic and post a contribution every two weeks.

I am also proud to introduce my new website A lot of hard work went into it and only thanks to the help of my nephew August did I manage to fix the technical bugs (thanks again August). Let me know what you think.

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More to follow in 2 weeks!