August 2016

A few weeks ago I treated my godchild to an indoor skydiving session. When I saw him floating and adjusting his position by moving his arms and legs ever so slightly, I wished for a moment that I had booked a session for myself as well.

It suddenly made me think of a recurring dream in which I can fly. I lift off, just by stretching and quickly moving my arms up and down. Once I have reached a certain altitude, all it takes are a few flaps of my “wings” to float above the world. In my dreams this feels wonderful and powerful. When I wake from this dream I feel as if I can do anything.

The creative and associative images and events from dreams remind me of the metaphores I use during my coaching. Clients are trying to tell me something and instead of continuing that often fruitless exercise , I ask them to give me a metaphor describing their feelings or experiences.

“It’s as if I’m pushing a heavy rock up a mountain” evokes more feelings, also physically, than saying “This is hard for me”. You can explore the metaphore further, leading to new and unexpected insights – as if suddenly the clouds part and a light starts to shine (another metaphore).

Using images and metaphores can be incredibly enriching and refreshing. It truly makes a difference and gives the coach and client wings, metaphorically speaking.

Comfort zones

4 August 2016

They sound so comfortable, don’t they? But appearances deceive. These zones are comfortable in the short term, but in the long run they encumber you. And we usually stay in them, far beyond their expiration date. You see it in work situations in which you no longer feel at ease, but also very clearly in (partner) relationships. Here the stakes are much higher and at first sight you stand to lose more by getting out.

Your body tells you when the expiration date has passed: you experience impatience, moodiness, stress, back pain or even serious illness. Your body does not lie! And sometimes we leave one comfort zone to walk straight into another. Only because trying something totally new or challenging seems so terribly scary. However, it is the only way to evolve and improve, in all aspects of your life.

Often limiting thoughts keep you in your comfort zone. I spoke about those annoying saboteurs earlier. You are afraid to lose something or to fail, you fear what others may think or say… It is a big deal and it does take quite some self-confidence to take that leap.

I found a brilliant animated video about this: . Do watch it until the end, it visualises the concept in a very comprehensible way.

Most clients in my coaching practice find themselves in a situation where they are about to leave one or other comfort zone and they are looking for a sparring partner to take the leap. Or they find themselves in a phase in life where they feel that something needs to happen to change their situation, but they do not yet know what exactly. We can look for this together. Recognisable? Do not hesitate to contact me for an introductory session, no strings attached.