January 2017

Around this time last year I wrote about my “word of the year”. Being loyal to myself and this good habit I sat around the table with myself again in early January to see which word could truly inspire me this year.

I did not hesitate long, my word for this year will be “focus”. From a long list of possible words this word has chosen me, not the other way around.

You can read about the how and why of this exercise in my Inspiration of last year, but here’s the purpose and the impact in a nutshell. At the start of each new year we often make a list of resolutions, which are generally things we want to do, or want to do differently.

There is nothing wrong with resolutions as such, but they usually come from our thoughts and are triggered by a lot of “SHOULD HAVE Tos”. As a result, they often include a judgment, something we don’t like about ourselves and want to change. Think about what I wrote before in ‘Django and the resistance of the cat’. The more you resist something, the more it resists back and will persist or even grow.

It is very exceptional for true change to be brought about by our will or from the resistance of a “should have to”. A word however contains energy, images and meaning. It has an impact on our BEING level. It reflects an intention that gives direction to your life.

That does not mean that you will no longer take action, quite the contrary. Your actions will be inspired from the BEING level and I can guarantee that this works well. Otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this exercise enthusiastically for the third year in a row now.

The exercise itself is made up of different steps and corresponding questions that really make you stop and think why living that word will make you do things differently. And as Einstein used to say: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

By doing the exercise and answering the questions, you think about your old patterns and triggers and you look for new pro-active habits that you can integrate in your life as a support to embrace your word fully.

The last question is about a challenge that makes you push your borders and that you are willing to take on in the coming year. “Shoot for the moon and if you miss, you will still be among the stars” Les Brown said. This is about the creative power that comes from great commitment. I have taken up a major challenge myself. Have I made you curious? I will tell you all about it in due time.

Are you interested to choose your own ‘word of the year’? Just send an email to anne@momentum-coaching.eu and I will forward the tool.

See you in 2 weeks.

First of all I wish my readers a very prosperous, intense, warm, abundant and lively 2017! I for one commit myself to treating you to a new Inspiration every two weeks – today about a topic that is starting to play an increasingly important part in my own life.

Mind your language!” – you heard it countless times when you were growing up and when an adult – parent, grandparent, teacher – reprimanded you for being a trifle cheeky or using so-called inappropriate language. Or you now say it to your own children. I would like to point out another dimension, of which I have become more and more aware in these past few weeks.

Words have a great impact and we do not always realise this, simply because it happens on a more subconscious level. But that makes it all the more important to choose and use words carefully.

This does not only hold true when communicating with others but also with yourself, in what you say and think about yourself. To give a simple example: when you have a plan or desire to do or change something important in your life, it is a very human reflex to look for all kinds of excuses not to undertake that important and maybe slightly frightening action.

There is every chance that you tell yourself things like “I can’t do this because…. (I don’t have time, I don’t have enough money, I’m not smart enough, I’m a woman,…)”. Whereas, if you would be very honest with yourself, you really mean “I don’t want to do this because… (I will need to speak in public, I may become successful, people may not like me anymore, I will not have any more spare time…)”.

Which of the two versions do you think makes you feel best about yourself? When you think about it for a minute, it becomes very clear that you give away your own power when you tell yourself you cannot do something. This way you do not take responsibility over your own life, and very often you victimise yourself: “Poor me, the circumstances, the world, others… are the reason I can never achieve those goals.”

The words you speak or think have an enormous impact on your feelings, your self-image and behaviour. If you speak to yourself in a weakening manner often enough, you will suffer the consequences. So try to consciously mind your language and be honest about what you really want to express. Also pay attention to how others use language that sabotages them.

Do the exercise yourself, take a piece of paper and a pen or open a document on your PC, tablet or smartphone. Start by writing what you really want to achieve in the coming year. Then write your top 10 excuses you tend to use to sabotage yourself. For each of these excuses you write why this is really something you’re telling yourself and also what you are willing to do on a very practical level. You can take it one step further and design an action plan to really achieve your plan or dream.

Mark my words – 2017 will become a magical year for you (and me)!