Career coaching

Lost track of your career path?

There’s this expression about “your work or your life” – as if you need to make a choice. As if these concepts are opposites. As if work is a necessary evil. Quite the contrary: one of the best things you could wish for is a job into which you can put your heart and soul, a job that gives you fulfilment. If this is not the case for you yet, you can work on this - with me as your ‘sparring partner’.

As a financial incentive the Flemish Government set up a system of subsidised career vouchers. I am officially recognised to work with these vouchers, through my collaboration agreement with the coaching company Braingain. Information on whether you are eligible to apply for career vouchers and on how everything works, can be found on the VDAB website (Flemish Employment Mediation Agency – only in Dutch).

In maximum 8 coaching hours we will work together to establish your Personal Development Plan – a very concrete result that will enable you to further develop.

I am a licended Firework Career Coach and I’m using this approach and method for all my career coaching clients. This method offers a beautiful model built around 3 distinct phases. There are also a bunch of valuable and indespensable homework exercises for the coachee to add more fuel to the actual coaching sessions. At the end of the coaching journey you will take away a much more focused image of your ideal career. We always bring it to a close with the creation of your personal action plan. At the end you will go home with the result we created together during the sessions. I always encourage you to continuously re-visit and refine it.

Ask for a free introductory session (30 minutes) to discover whether we connect and to receive more information on my coaching strategy.

Send me an email or call me (016/35 33 83).


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