Scientific research

Scientific research about the way coaching works

Does coaching change your brain? Scientific research into the ‘neuroplasticity’ of our brains clearly points in that direction.
More can be found in the article of Ann Betz ‘The Neuroscience of the ‘Woo-woo’.

I also encourage you to watch the videos with Rick Hanson such as this one Understanding Neuroplasticity. Rick states that you can use your mind to change your brain to change your mind for the better. This is self-directed neuroplasticity.

This video with Lori Shook – a Co-Active coach by the way – explains in a comprehensible way what happens in your brain. She starts from the example of the American presidential elections in 2016 and sketches the context on the brainy level of what happened.


Personally, I find these TED-talks very inspiring. They all deal with things of life which are also treated during coaching. Enjoy listening to them and become inspired!

Shonda Rhimes: “My year of saying yes to everything”

Celeste Headlee: “10 ways to have a better conversation”

Judson Brewer: “A simple way to break a bad habit”

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