The role of the coach

The role of the coach

My role as a coach in this process is to help you discover and experience your ‘momentum’, so you initiate and expedite the change. As a coach I work with your agenda and I have a firm trust and belief that you are whole, creative and resourceful.

As a coach I am truly focused on ‘the’ moment itself together with you, I am neither dealing with (interpretations of) your past, however interesting, nor with assumptions on your future. I also serve as your mirror. As a coach, I listen carefully and focus my complete attention to what is happening now and that is what I work with, together with you, my client.

I also address your total person: body, thoughts, mind, emotions. The body, the posture, the hands, the facial expression and the voice usually give a good impression of what is going on inside the person. As a coach I pick up on all these signs and use them as a point of access or as a mirror.

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