What is coaching?

What is personal/life coaching exactly?

What I learned from firsthand experience during my training as a coach, but also as a client with my own personal coach, is that coaching makes you aware of your own unique talents and the contribution you can make with these. Coaching helps you to see what your beliefs and values are, what you find truly important in your life and in the world and what your goal in life is.

Coaching also visualises the limiting beliefs or inhibiting patterns that have stopped you from taking steps to change.

Very quickly you will see a clearer direction, as if a light-beam appears on your life path, and it will become easier to make those choices that help you towards achieving your goal in life. This is not always a walk in the park, the inhibiting patterns will emerge when you stray from the general path and will tempt you to return the safe and familiar ‘status quo’. Taking no action or making mistakes is also a learning process and not a disaster. You will learn that doing things outside your comfort zone, stretching it, will give you new insights and can change you radically, sometimes in a short period.

And then nothing will be like it was before

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