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Do you want to broaden your scope, be even more than you thought possible, lead a fuller and more intense life, fulfill your dreams?
A coach stimulates and challenges you to push your boundaries.


Do you want to become more sharply aware of your talents, your values, but also of the patterns that hold you back? Do you want to develop your own definition of success?
A coach is your perfect sparring partner, who holds up a mirror to today’s you and stimulates you to take those long-awaited steps.


Do you want to reach specific goals, so that you can lead a more fulfilling life, both on a personal and a professional level, or are you looking for a better balance between home and work, between thought and action, between parenthood and career? Together with you, a coach will design a plan tailored to your needs and desires.

  • Ans Van Belzen

    “You showed me the path, held up a mirror. I asked you not to be too soft with me. And that’s what you did – I not always enjoyed it but it was very meaningful. The session certainly continued its work in the weeks after and gave me really good insights. Each time looking for a meaning. Trust is a powerful word for me, you gave me your trust and I absolutely trusted you. If I deviate again from my path I know that I can come back to you. Thank you very much!“

  • Jonas Berendsbpartners bvba

    “I was a fellow student with Anne during the training to become a Co-Active coach; during this time I have noticed how much soft power she has; she is somebody who is not scared to show herself as she is, she can be vulnerable and very gentle, and from that place she can quickly and effectively reach the essence which would perhaps take others a much longer time to achieve. In addition, openness, sincerity and justice are values which are expressed prominently in her actions.“

  • Mary HeneghanOrganisational Development Consultant

    “Anne, thanks to your coaching, I have been able to stop and examine some of the patterns in my life - some of which I was unaware, and others I wanted to change, but had not yet found the key to do so. Thank you for these new perspectives and for your professionalism.”
  • Lucia SmitBraingain

    “Anne holds her clients truly to their agenda. She does not get by with a long story or an excuse as to why clients are not doing what they had committed to doing. Coaching with Anne is a complete burst of energy and enthusiasm. Her charismatic and empowering energy is an essential quality. She is the type of person who definitely motivates you to move forward. Her use of intuition in asking just the right question helps you to give 100% into the coaching and move forward.“

  • Barbara VandenbulckeHR partner Young Talents

    “Anne is a coach who lets you take the next step. She has the courage to bring you in touch with what really matters to you, and she accompanies you as a strong person so that you experience your own strength and take this next step.“

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