If you’re convinced but still have some unanswered questions, this page could provide the answers.

Once you are convinced, we will make an appointment for a first ‘discovery session’. This session is meant to give our relation a flying start.

We will shape our collaboration (how we will work together), discuss how you want me to coach you and which instruments and structures I will implement.

The largest part of this session will be dedicated to discovery – you will teach me who you are, what you want in life and what the dream is that I need to keep alive for you.

I have worked out a coaching offer with a number of packages, depending on your starting situation or question. Contact me by per e-mail and I will send you my ‘coaching menu’.

A regular coaching session takes 60 minutes, all-in. This means that the welcome and wrap-up are also included. Other formulas are possible and depend on the package you choose. In any case, be sure to arrive at the agreed time.

Coaching can be done in different ways: face to face during a coaching session in my coaching space, via telephone, via Skype™ or at the company’s premises if it concerns a corporate context. I also offer walking coaching in nature or other environment.

We can also vary the methods if preferred.

The individual clients with whom I work best are very committed to bring about change in their life and/or work and are prepared to invest the necessary time and effort. It is not so important to me if you are a business woman or man, a company manager, a staying-at-home mom or dad, a creative, a student or without a job. What is important is that you are prepared to work on yourself, look into your behaviour, and take the responsibility for your life and your role in your world.

If you can see yourself in the majority of the following statements, there’s a good change that we will have a strong affinity:

  • Are you determined to achieve your dream or vision, whether or not you know yet exactly what it is?
  • Can you agree to continually strive to be fully honest and open with yourself and me?
  • Do you have enthusiasm and commitment, and willingness to ask for and accept help?
  • Do you understand what is it costing you NOT to achieve this dream or vision?
  • Is achieving your goal important enough  to you to invest a significant amount of your time, effort, and money?

What I offer is not for everyone. It involves effort, commitment, and courage – it occasionally involves some pain (but also a lot of fun, aha-moments and hapiness).

If you still have any questions or doubts, you are welcome to request a free sample session below.


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